Gift Cards Available!

03 Dec 2023, Posted by Admin in News

What could be better than a gift that lasts forever?

We offer gift cards that can be used for most of our products and services.
Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase, and the value of the card is for you to decide. To buy a gift card just walk in to the studio during business hours, the cards are available at the front desk. We take both cash and debit/credit card.

If you’re unable to come by the studio during business hours you can email us the following information: your full name and phone number, the value you want to put on the gift card, and the full name of the gift card recipient.
You can pay the gift card by e-bank and for an additional 5€ fee we can mail the gift card to the address of your choice.

A gift card can be used for tattoos, piercings, jewelry or clothing. When booking a tattoo appointment, please mention that you have a gift card so it can be used as part of the tattoo deposit or as a full tattoo deposit, depending on the value of your gift card.

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