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Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you “regret” getting? Whatever the reason for not wanting your tattoo anymore, we have the solution for you! Our new Laser Tattoo Removal Machine can help fade your existing tattoo so it can be covered with something else or with enough treatments you can have the tattoo completely removed. The choice is yours.



Proper aftercare is important to achieve good results. During the healing period it is recommended to avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas + direct exposure to sunlight. Once the bandage is removed, wash & keep the area clean.

Do not pop blisters or pick any scabs. Keep applying the ointment to protect the skin and keep the area moisturized!

Your immune system is a vital component to effective laser tattoo removal as it does ALL of the work after a laser treatment by removing the destroyed ink. The human body uses its white blood cells to eliminate all foreign, unhealthy substances, including tattoo ink!


Side Effects

There are minimal side effects when receiving laser tattoo removal. The most common being sore, itchy, blistery, swollen skin following the procedure for up to 1-3 weeks. All of which will go away once the area is healed 6-8 weeks later. Other side effects not so common yet still possible are hypopigmentation (discoloration of the treated skin), hyperpigmentation (darkening of the treated skin) and scar tissue (raised skin of the treated area).


Does it Hurt?

During the laser tattoo removal process there is a certain amount of physical discomfort and irritation on the area being treated and the feeling is not the same for everyone. Some people describe the pain like the feeling of a rubber band snapping their skin, where as others have said it feels like drops of hot oil splashing on their skin. In either case the feeling is uncomfortable so that is why taking pain medication like ibuprofen or the use of a numbing cream can help the unpleasantness of the entire procedure!



60€ –  for every 15 minutes of laser treatment.


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