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Piercing Inquiry

If you are looking to book an appointment for a piercing or a piercing consult, We ask that you complete the form below. Please remember that piercings are dependent on individual anatomy and may not be possible for everyone.

I like to get the following piercing(s):

Please note that some of our piercings are done by specific piercers only. Age requirements for different piercings: 5 years and up; earlobes - 13 years and up; helix, nostril - 16 years and up; eyebrow, rook, daith, conch, tragus, forward helix, industrial, septum, labret, madonna/medusa, snake/angel bites, smiley, tongue, belly button - 18 years and up; all piercings

*If you are experiencing difficulties submitting the form, please send us the same information to*