Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry Selection

Our extensive jewelry collection includes many different styles and materials.

Surgical steel: straight barbells, curved barbells, labrets, ball closure rings, continuous rings, hinged rings, septum clickers, nose screws, nose rings, belly jewelry, helix/tragus jewelry, industrial barbells, plugs/tunnels, expanders, attachments for threaded pins (1.2mm, 1.6mm).

Titanium: Labrets, belly jewelry, septum clickers, rings, gem disks for dermal anchors.

Acrylic: Plugs, spirals, expanders, attachments for threaded pins (1.6mm).

Organic materials: tunnels and plugs.

If you can’t find the type of jewelry you want in our selection, we will do our best to get it for you.

Changing your piercing jewelry

When you buy your jewelry from us, we change it for free. If you bring your own jewelry, we charge 5 € to change it.

For the first jewelry change of a piercing done by us we offer a 50% discount on that jewelry. This jewelry offer is valid for 5 months after the initial piercing date, and you must show your piercing receipt at time of purchase to receive the discount. Without a receipt the jewelry is regular price.

Please notice that all piercing jewelry purchased are final sales! For hygienic reasons we can not do returns on these items.

In case of defective jewelry

We have a 1 week guarantee on all jewelry purchased at our studio that is deemed to be defective, for example: a gem falls off or the ball unscrews and you lose it. By showing your original receipt you get the defective piece replaced for free. Any defects occurring after 1 week receive a 50% discount with the original receipt, within 3 months of purchase.