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Piercings are a silent expression of Yourself!

Just one little piercing can change your entire look, especially if it is in a place people can see it. We offer all different kinds of piercings, the most popular being on the ears & face. However we do body piercings as well!


Getting a Piercing at Fist of Needles

*You must be 18 years of age to get a piercing at our studio. If you are under 18 years of age, you are still eligible to get a piercing although we require parental consent. We will ask for proof of photo identification from both parent and child. The last names of the identification must be the same. If they are not the same then we also require either the birth certificate issued from the hospital or document from the magistrate office stating the parents name and relationship to the child. If you look underage we will ask for proof of identification as well.

*We also require you to sign a consent form. Customers under 18 years of age will fill out and sign the form in company of their parent or legal guardian, here at the studio.

*We use pre-packaged sterilized titanium or surgical steel jewelry.

*All the tools we use for piercings (needles, clamps, jewelry) are disposable, meaning used only once on you and then thrown out.

*We open all packages of the tools in front of you so you can rest assured knowing they are sterile and clean.

*We do not do piercings on pregnant or breastfeeding customers.

*We recommend that all piercing customers book an appointment, to ensure that you get service at your convenience.
We can do walk-in piercings as the booking situation allows; however, the following piercings require a booked appointment:
earlobe piercings for small children, septum, tongue, smiley, industrial, nipples, microdermals and surface piercings.

*Please keep in mind that not all piercings are possible to do since the anatomy may vary a lot from person to person.

*The four piercers we have on staff are Jamie, Alexandra, Erika and Emily!


(Prices include jewelry)

Body Piercings:

Belly Button 60€

Nipple 80€


Lobe 30€

Helix 30€

Rook 50€

Conch 50€

Tragus 50€

Daith 50€

Forward helix 50€

Industrial 100€

Face Piercings:

Eyebrow 60€

Nostril 60€

Septum 80€

Smiley 80€

Tongue 80€

Labret 60€

Medusa 60€

Madonna 60€

Angel Bites 100€

Snake Bites 100€

Microdermal 90€
Surface piercing 80€

***If you are interested in getting a microdermal or surface piercing we offer free consultations and jewelry customization.***
Please call or email to book a date/time.


Age requirements for different piercings:
5 years old and up – earlobes
13 years old and up – helix, nostril
16 years old and up –  eyebrow, rook, daith, conch, tragus, forward helix, industrial, septum, labret, madonna/medusa, snake/angel bites, smiley, tongue, belly button
18 years and up – all piercings


 If there is a piercing you are interested in but not on our list, feel free to ask!

If you have a piercing that you suspect may be closed, or you lost the jewelry but want to know if the piercing is still open and if insertion of a piece of jewlery would still be possible, we offer a tapering service. Tapering opens the piercing without re-piercing the tissue. Tapering costs 5 € per hole, but if you purchase the jewelry from us the tapering is free of charge and we insert the jewelry at the time of the tapering.


Thursday Piercing Special! Any customer getting a piercing on Thursday will receive 10€ off that piercing! If you get 2 piercings or more we take 15€ off each piercing! You can share this offer with a friend, so if both of you get a piercing, both of you get 15€ off each. The only exception is earlobe/helix, where the discount is 10€.