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So you have decided to get a tattoo!

Whether it is your first tattoo or 10th tattoo you can be sure you are in excellent hands with the team at Fist of Needles. We have 4 tattoo artists available, each one skilled with their own unique style!

Robin Kodial is the shop owner + main artist.  His superior knowledge and extensive art training while in Canada has allowed him to create your ideas into a masterpiece using your skin as his canvas. Plus his unique ability to use only a picture as a reference, he can freehand your tattoo idea using the lines and contour of your body to enhance the tattoo, also making it a one of a kind original piece. For those of you looking for dark (sur)real, horror, bio-organic designs then Robin is the artist for you. He also specializes in portraits and realistic artwork. Tattoos done by Robin are charged at a rate of 120€ per hour.

Susanne Remahl is a well known and established portrait artist who has now expanded her artistic skills to tattooing.  She does all types of tattoos, her specialty being water colors, realism & portraits.  Tattoos done by Susanne are charged at an hourly rate of 110€ per hour.

Katarina Björkvist has unique artistic abilities and has been doing art since she was a young child. She enjoys drawing portraits and realism. She also has a special liking to mandalas, dotwork and linework art. Tattoos done by Katarina are charged at an hourly rate of 90€ per hour.

Benjamin is our new apprentice. He has been drawing for many years and he has done some tattooing before too. Offering old school and new school designs along with an apprentice special rate of 60€ for small tattoos (30 min or less) or 80€ hourly rate!

Booking a Tattoo Appointment

Before the actual tattoo appointment we ask that you come in for a free consultation (usually 10-15mins) to go over the tattoo style, size and color you want. Bring any photos/pictures or ideas you have. Once you have finalized the tattoo design, we will give you a price and tell you how long it will approximately take. Now we can book you in for the actual tattoo appointment. At this point we require a 50€ deposit which will be deducted off the total price of the tattoo.


Can I Book An Appointment by Phone or Email Without a Consultation?

For those people who want an exact replication of a photo/picture without any modifications, only then it will be possible to book an appointment by phone or email. You must send us an email including a clear photo of the tattoo and the size you want. Also specify where on your body you want to get the tattoo. At this point you will receive a response email indicating the price for the tattoo and how long it will take, along with which days are available to book the tattoo appointment. Once you select a date we would require you to transfer a 50euro deposit directly into our bank account. Once payment is received we will confirm with you the tattoo appointment date! *Remember this process only work if no changes at all are being made to the photo/picture you want tattooed.


Cancelling or Rescheduling an Appointment

If you have booked an appointment and left a deposit, we require you give us 48hrs to cancel or reschedule the appointment without losing the deposit.
Any missed appointments or failure to give us 48hrs notice to cancel or reschedule the appointment will result in a loss of your deposit!


Are Walk in Appointments Available?

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to take any walk in appointments for tattoos as we are currently booked up 2 weeks in advance.
Email us at: Call us at: +358 40 143 7291