Opening hours are 12-16 on Sat Sept 14, due to event at Ritz!

10 Sep 2019, Posted by Moderator in News, Specials

Fist of Needles will be participating and piercing at the Ritz’n’Titz event on Sept 14th, 2019, 19:30-22:30, with some special, too-good-to-miss prices – join in for burlesque, piercing, and fun!

Piercing prices for the event:
Ear Lobe… 25€ (both 40€)
Helix, Conch, Tragus… 30€
Rook, Daith, Forward Helix… 35€
Eyebrow, Nose… 40€
Belly Button… 45€
Lip… 50€
Nipple… 55€ (both 100€)
Tongue, Industrial… 60€

Please note that due to the event we will be closing the studio at 16:00!
You can find more information about Ritz’n’Titz here.

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