Renewed piercing special, starting Thur Feb 4, 2020!

01 Feb 2021, Posted by Moderator in News, Specials

We have renewed our Thursday piercing special, and the new discounts start on Thur Feb 4, 2021!

Any customer getting a piercing on Thursday will receive 10€ off that piercing! If you get 2 piercings or more, we take 15€ off piercings with the regular price of 50-70€ and 20€ off piercings with the regular price of 80-100€! You can share this offer with a friend, so if both of you get a piercing, you each get 15€-20€ off. For any piercing with the regular price of less than 50€ the discount is 10€ per piercing.

Please contact us by phone: 040 143 7291 or by email: info@fistofneedles.com to book your appointment!

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