Thursday Piercing Special 2022!

05 Jan 2022, Posted by Moderator in News, Specials

Our Thursday piercing special will continue in 2022!

Any customer getting a piercing on Thursday will receive 10€ off that piercing! If you get 2 piercings or more, we take 15€ off piercings with the regular price of 60-70€, and 20€ off piercings with the regular price of 80€ and up! For any piercing with the regular price of less than 60€ the discount is 10€ per piercing. You can share this offer with a friend, so if both of you get a piercing, you each get 10€-20€ off, depending on your piercings.

Please contact us by phone: 040 143 7291 or by email: info@fistofneedles.com to book your appointment!

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